Wild Survivors

Who We Are

Wild Survivors was launched by Francesca Mahoney in 2016, in response to the catastrophic elephant poaching epidemic and a rising conflict costing the lives of both elephants and people. We focus on ‘conflict hotspots’ where wild habitat meets village land, to work directly with rural communities on methods to prevent clashes with elephants, while uplifting farming livelihoods and inspiring people to protect wildlife and habitat.


To prevent human-elephant conflict by delivering sustainable initiatives which place community welfare at the heart of wildlife conservation.


For the elephants in Tanzania to have freedom of movement between their habitat zones, to access food, water and security. Our goal is to provide the tools, training and materials to support villages next to protected areas with passive solutions to living with elephants.

Core Priorities

We build our human-elephant coexistence projects with four core priorities:
Wildlife, Community, Bees and Forests.
Connecting the dots to solve conservation challenges through awareness and action.