New growth is an Irish charity with a focus on the rural poor in Nepal. We are working in a marginalised
community in the central hills and putting new infrastructure in place. The access is limited, so We are
concentrating on creating forest products to market, protecting the community forest and moving the
farmers away from subsistence farming.
We do this by donating fruit and nut trees and cash crops to the farmers within a co-op setting. All of our
projects are organic certified. Our nursery produces wild trees for community reforestation which the
local’s plant and care for.
Our forest restoration is necessary to avoid landslides and bring back diversity that will protect the
community for years to come. One of the trees we are excited for is "Hog Plum", this tree is native and
great for making jam and has other benifts. We are able to provide employment with the nursery and planting,
and our donation of fruit and nut trees also will make a huge difference to their income in a few years.
Lemons,Macadamia, Apples, Coffee, are all starting to grow well and this will strengthen the co-op in time.
New growth is also involved in the welfare of the community; we are donating chickens’ cows and goats
to help the diversity of needs within the family setting.
We are currently putting in new stoves into their homes, where there is nowhere for the smoke to go,
this is looking after the welfare of the people.
Our micro enterprises have commenced and we are looking at herbs teas, incense making and bee
farming to extend our micro enterprises.
We are committed to the long term sustainable developmetnand we hope you will be interested in our working
model of donating free cash crops fruit and nut trees to the members of our co-op.
Our model is within a co-op setting and in time the co-op will bring back that the seed capital and we can
increase our micro loans facility donation schemes, and satellite nurseries which will expand our aims. We want
to grow the community and empower them to be able to work in a free market.
We would like extend our community range by setting up other co-ops and bringing our donation model
to other marginalised communities with our reforestation program in toe as an essential part of preparing
for climate change, and environmental security.