Wyss Academy For Nature

At the Wyss Academy for Nature, we build bridges between scientific knowledge, political power, and action. By engaging with various stakeholders, we develop, test, and catalyze solutions that transform the relationship between people and nature.

We co-design and implement concrete projects across a number of regions and countries. Our global structure facilitates the replication of successes and shared learning. Our focus is on aligning human well-being with the protection of biodiversity, addressing climate change, and promoting sustainable land use. In our processes, we involve diverse individuals with a common goal and translate scientific findings into practical solutions, creating new pathways to sustainability.

Currently, we operate hubs in Central Europe (Bern, Switzerland), Southeast Asia, East Africa, and South America.

The Wyss Academy for Nature was founded by the Wyss Foundation, the University of Bern, and the Canton of Bern.