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Ally Guayusa is a Kichwa-owned community-based Guayusa processing enterprise located in the community 24 de Mayo. In addition to supporting their enterprise, Runa Foundation has partnered with this community in order to aid them through reforestation efforts. Aliados and 24 de Mayo have formed a relationship based on improving livelihoods and conserving the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

What is Ally Guayusa?

This project is the first Kichwa community-owned guayusa processing facility in the Amazon that produces and sells organic guayusa with an added value in the national and international market. This enterprise, known as Ally Guayusa (good / rich guayusa in the Kichwa language) is led by the Kichwa community of 24 de Mayo. Ally Guayusa seeks to create local jobs, provide socioeconomic benefits for the producers, and serve as a model of successful entrepreneurship that exemplifies the power of sustainable innovation.

Ally Guayusa is built on a solid foundation for future success and expansion with high quality infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology for the processing of pre-dehydrated guayusa leaves, and technical capabilities acquired by the local team and organic certification. The technical capacity paired with the the commitment and passion of the people leading the enterprise are certain to make Ally Guayusa a prosperous project.

What is guayusa?

Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) is a tree native to the Amazon that has been used for centuries by the indigenous people in the region. Traditionally, guayusa is consumed by Kichwa families in the early morning hours to provide them with the energy they need to carry out their daily tasks.

Guayusa has double the antioxidants of Green Tea, and just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee
Contains theobromine, a compound that reduces inflammation and blood pressure
Saponins and polyphenolic compounds help boost the immune system

Why buy from Ally Guayusa?

By drinking and buying Ally Guayusa you contribute to:

  • Maintaining biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Creating income for small-holder Kichwa farmers.
  • Helping protect the rainforest: Guayusa grows best in dense rainforest, thus there is no need to deforest land for the purpose of growing guayusa.

What products do they offer?

Ally Guayusa offers the highest quality dehydrated and pre-dehydrated guayusa. Sold both in individual packaging and in bulk, they provide fully processed guayusa that meets both U.S. and European organic certification standards. To learn more about their product, visit or email them at!