Ancestral Communities Recover Forests in Q'ero

Project Area
Located in the upper part of the Araza Basin in the province of Paucartambo, the Japu Campesino Community has a wide altitudinal gradient from 1,500m to 5,200m (4,921ft to 17,060ft) . Japu has 3 sectors: Yanaruma at 4,200m (13,780ft), Qochamarca at 3,900m (12,795ft) and Japu Racch'i at 3,800m (12,467ft). Within the region, there are three distinct ecosystems, including yungas forests with humid puna grasslands, the Japu Protected Area, and the Ukumary Llaqta Forest that covers 18,600 hectares. The restoration project implementation takes place between altitudes of 3,000m to 4,500m (9,843ft to 14,764ft), which is the range where most local communities are settled in the region.

Project Goals
Two nurseries have been implemented in Qochamarca and Japu Racch'i. Seedling production is managed by the local communities, with restoration efforts anticipated to scale each year as resources and finances become increasingly available. Long-term project goals include:
Capacity building with local communities in the management of resources such as forests, wetlands, pasture, water, and high Andean livestock.
Restoration of degraded areas caused by forest fires and overuse of high Andean forests (for firewood) through production and reforestation with native species.
Recovering and protecting the ecosystem services provided by forests, particularly as a primary water resource, based on inherited ancestral and traditional knowledge.
Improving techniques related to production of native species and nursery management, and sustainable tourism.
Educating local communities on proper livestock handling and pasture grazing, which increases the quality of llama/alpaca fiber and meat production and allows for better market prices.

Current Results
Native Trees Planted: 30,000
Hectares Restored: 15
Nurseries Built & Maintained: 2
Communities Involved: 2
2022-2023 Tree Planting Projection: 50,000