Become a Sponsor to scale this wonderful project with proven track record:

  • Restoring 1 Mio. ha of forest in the Andes
  • Planting 100 Mio. trees
  • Restoring 100 landscapes in South America
  • Creating over 100,000 jobs in more than 1,000 local communities

Phase 1 has been successfully completed:

  • 6 Mio. trees have been planted in the Andes
  • Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina participating
  • Economic activities with over 100 local communities, creating over 20,000 jobs

Acción Andina is a rapidly growing partnership, to date comprising 13 on-the-ground implementing partners, involving 18,000 people across rural and indigenous communities in five countries.

On-the-ground conservation leaders harness ancient Incan traditions in local communities to bring a successful 18-year restoration model to scale.

Almost gone but not lost, these forests, primarily Polylepis tree forests, serve as water reservoirs for communities, habitat for wildlife and biodiversity and ensure the functionality of the entire Amazon.
Growing at altitudes of up to 5,000 meters, Polylepis forests are a significant origin of the flow of water into the headwaters of the Amazon.
Crucial to fighting climate change, they absorb mist from clouds, transforming dry, eroded landscapes into wetlands and habitat for threatened species.