Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor

We always follow the 17 steps Restoration Cycle, integrated into 4 Specific Objectives: (1) community mobilization and establishment of partnerships with farmers and settlement projects in the region, (2) restoration of degraded areas mapped within these properties, (3) periodic maintenance of restored areas and (4) monitoring of restoration and impact assessment.

The cycle of our activities is annual and begins with the mobilization of rural partnerships, for the identification of degraded areas in APPs and Legal Reserves, followed by mapping and validation activities (analysis of the terrain, first by satellite images, and then by a team in loco), mapping of polygons and planning of restoration techniques, culminating in the planting season (activities carried out in the rainy season between October and March)
under favorable weather conditions, and the subsequent maintenance of each restored area (elimination of degrading factors such as pests and invasive grasses, and correction when necessary).