BaumInvest Mixed Reforestation in Costa Rica

We manage more than 2,000 hectares of forests on five project sites in the northern tropical lowlands of Costa Rica. A total of 1,280 hectares is reforested pastureland which is under sustainable forestry management. In addition, 25% of the total project area is managed as nature reserves, where remnant forests and wetlands are preserved as natural habitats and biological corridors for many endangered wildlife species of the tropical Central America bioregion.

Sustainable Forestry - The Right Solution for the Growing Timber Market

Depending on the site, we reforest a selection of up to 17 different, predominantly native tree species, some of which are on the Red List. We thereby enable optimal conditions for tree growth and biodiversity. In our mixed forest, we selectively harvest and replant.

Reforestation with Added Value – Measurable Impact through Biodiversity Monitoring

Ever since we started our first reforestation project, we have closely monitored our impact on the diversity of species. In close cooperation with the Senckenberg Research Institute, we began with continuous biodiversity monitoring in 2009. The results: the number of reptile and amphibian species found on our properties was confirmed to have increased from 20 to 90 within only nine years.

Social Value – Long-Term Impact

Involving the local population is the best way to protect the forest. Our projects support favorable working conditions for the local communities surrounding our reforestation projects. We offer ongoing training and employment opportunities, especially to women.
Our reforestation projects support the quality of life. For example, we protect an important local water source at our Finca La Virgen site. Also, the entire region benefits from an improved climate: with its cooling effect, the forest mitigates the increasingly hot dry seasons – therefore, the cycle of nature, yields, and social impact remain intact.