BaumInvest Forest Landscape Restoration Programm - Costa Rica

In 2022, BaumInvest initiated the “BaumInvest Forest Landscape Restoration Programme” which is a program of activities listed at Gold Standard. This program aims to restore degraded pastureland into biodiverse secondary mixed forests with a high carbon storage performance.
The first new “Forest Landscape Restoration Programme” project sites were executed in 2022 and cover more than 1,000 hectares of reforested pastureland. In total, 1,500 hectares are under restoration and protection, therefore enlarging the protected areas of the Vulcan Tenorio and Caño Negro, an important water reserve for migrating birds.

Biodiverse Reforestation – our Natural Solution to Remove Carbon from the Atmosphere

The overarching goal of our reforestation concept for carbon compensation is the formation of a near-natural forest in which natural, self-regulating cycles take place through limited human intervention. We plant seeds and seedlings from native tree species which are complemented by accompanying vegetation to create a resilient system that removes carbon from the atmosphere.

Reforestation with Added Value – Measurable Impact through Biodiversity Monitoring

Making our impact quantifiable – this is our objective. In cooperation with the Senckenberg Research Institute, a first baseline assessment on reptiles and amphibians as an indicator species susceptible to changing habitat conditions was conducted.
Our first assessment shows: reptiles and amphibians rarely find a niche to survive on degraded pasturelands, but the nearby remanent forest patches support the revitalization of these lands as the canopy cover starts to close and create livable habitats for animal species.

Social Value – Long-Term Impact

We involve local communities from the beginning. Each project starts with a local stakeholder consultation. We assess the local needs and develop opportunities for cooperation together. We employ a local forester on each project site who lives there with their family. Increasing employment opportunities through further training is crucial for us: language courses, security workshops, or digitalization are part of this.
Gender equality is a focus area for us. In particular, the number of women employed at our Caño Negro project site is very high.