In the valley of the Brogo River, this reserve is one of the largest areas of intact native bushland left in the region, and conserves several forest ecosystems that are poorly protected in NSW.

These forests are irresistible for many native birds.

Since buying the property in 1995 we've recorded over 70 species, including the Wonga Pigeon, Superb Lyrebird, Black-faced Monarch, Jacky Winter, and the small but beautiful Scarlet Honeyeater.

One of the drawcards for birds, particularly those that eat fruit, is the dry rainforest, often dominated by low, rock-hugging native fig trees.

Another drawcard is the riverine forest and scrub down near the Brogo River – a sprawling community of River Sheoaks, Gossamer Wattle, Tree Violet and Basket Grass.

A rare forest community on the reserve is the Brogo wet vine forest – only found in the Bega and Cobargo valleys.

Bigger birds love Brogo too, including Sooty, Powerful and Boobook owls, no doubt attracted to the larger hollow-bearing trees and abundant prey that can still be found on the property.

All this has been protected thanks to the generosity of our supporters.