Climate neutral region Oberland-East

Regions in the Alps are experiencing a disproportionate impact from climate change. Simultaneously, these areas contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, thus holding a unique responsibility in addressing climate-related challenges. The Oberland East region may set a good example, but there has been a lack of initiative to define the overarching goals and roles of the various actors and the remaining knowledge gaps that would help address this situation. With this project, we want to drive innovation for the entire region. As well as to collaborate with local stakeholders, such as business, government, and academia, to develop, test, and evaluate tailored climate protection innovations. Through workshops with various regional stakeholders, a common understanding of the problem has been defined and priorities have been set. These priority areas include: energy production and supply; buildings and housing; mobility; tourism; communication, education, and participation; private, agricultural, and forestry sectors; and finally consumption and nutrition.
With the support of a climate coach from the Regional Conference Oberland East, initiatives related to these development priorities will be launched. The climate coach also serves as a central point of contact for regional climate-related issues. Various events are organized to motivate stakeholders and foster connections on diverse thematic topics.