Forrest Garden

Few years ago I have decided to embark on an interesting life journey and already several years of experimenting and learning on a small scale, I think that is time for me to step for a bigger Eco project. In the last years I have gathered some money 12% of total amount that is needed for the eco project and with part of it will buy a bigger piece of land in the village Rosu where I live, and here I'm going to plant Forest garden. Creating this page I wish to find people and future friends that can support my project to have a good start and financial investment.

Starting with growing there a food forest/forest garden. The project it will last for many years and every support I can get is going to be a big help and a ticket for you as a future visitor and customer of our Eco products and agrotourism services. The final goal is to create a forest garden / experimental garden and nursery using Permaculture methods in producing naturally grown fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, nuts, honey, mushrooms, and a variety of organic seeds, heirloom seeds, roots of plants and flowers, young bushes and (seeds of) fruit trees.

And to create an open space experimental permaculture garden with big possibilities in the ecotourism area for those who want to learn in practice and to see this project as a real example, where I'll offer accommodation, hiking, biking, village excursions, terrace in the nature and garden, playing games area, camping area, sauna. I do understand the importance of sustainability in our lifestyles and respect for the environment and the animals and hope for more people to join this way of life.

I plan that at the end of this year of 2021 will be possible to start the first plantation with the help of volunteers that are welcome to join me any time, and the same time videoing my experience to be shared on the youtube channel Eco Costel.

Budget Plan:

  1. First amount of 25% part of the budget that I am collecting donations are needed to buy 5 hectares of land and plant materials like young trees, bushes, variety of seeds.

  2. Second amount of 25% part of the budget that I am collecting donations are needed to pay for technical works and tractor service creating terraces for the garden and camping area also digging rainwater collectors.

  3. Third amount of 25% part of the budget that I am collecting donations are needed for materials to build green houses and buy all small working land tools (ex. electric pumps, generators or solar panels...).

  4. Fourth amount 25% part of the budget that I am collecting donations are needed to buy materials for building small Eco house and sauna.

Approximate total budget is 75 000 euros.

I need your support!

Supporting me with donations for creating this long-term Eco project I'll offer you for free any service and product that will be available when you visit this place (or I can send it to any city in R. Moldova).

Future collaborations are always welcome and team members too!

Donate 455 euros, and receive our first product an Heirloom Seed package of 75 varieties. See more details here

You will be a very important person in this project and for that, I thank you in advance!

Constantin was born in Cahul city of south Moldova and is planning to purchase the grounds where the forest garden / experimental garden and orchard will be created based upon the concepts from permaculture, intercropping, agroforestry, and agroecology in the south of Moldova.

Gaining experience and practicing in last years sustainable tourism/ecotourism being passionate about sustainable living and Permaculture. An amazingly intuitive man whom many see as a Healer and Naturalist seen from far also simple and good heart personality. Constantin sees great potential in the local society when the people start working together toward a greater goal.

This article is a general plan of my Eco project that in time will be updated and improved, published also here on my blog

Thank you for your attention!

Constantin: Perma Culturist, Naturalist, Ecotourism Guide.

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