El Silencio Natural Reserve and Research Station
In partnership with
World Land Trust
World Land Trust has partnered with FBC to purchase and secure 482 ha of forest as an expansion to El Silencio Natural Reserve.
Supported by
IUCN The Netherlands
IUCN-NL awarded a Small Grant for the Purchase of Nature in 2011 to purchase El Silencio Natural Reserve and, in 2017, a second grant to expand the reserve.
Supported by
Tennis S.A.
The Colombian clothes industry Tennis S.A. gave a generous donation of 260 ha to complete the purchase of 482 ha of forest and 37 ha of productive land of their property, to expand El Silencio Natural Reserve.
In partnership with
Wildlife Conservation Society - Colombia
WCS has been partner of FBC since 2014 in the framework of the Wildlife Project, sponsored by Ecopetrol. Several activities, such as the nursery construction and restoration within El Silencio have been carried out with their support.