El Valenciano

El Valenciano is a farm owned by Agrícola Madroñeros Dos S.L.U and located between the municipalities of Carmona and Marchena in Seville, Spain. It is an innovative and sustainable farm which optimizes its resources through the implementation of new precision agriculture technologies. The project reduces its emissions thanks to continuous improvements and increasing efficiency, achieved through advice from the Cultiva Carbono program. The project implements a series of additional measures, to increase the carbon sequestration of soil and plants. The methodology and scheme used are those of Trinity Natural Capital Markets, which comply with standards such as the GHG Protocol or ISO 14064-2. The farm has been managed in a sustainable fashion for more than 5 years, following mitigation practices such as the incorporation of residues in the soil and the optimisation of nutrition and crop protection inputs. The implementation in 2023 of cover crops in the rows of the plantation will contribute to the increase in CO2 sequestration, the retention of key resources such as water, as well as an increase in soil health and biodiversity improvements. Regarding biodiversity, El Valenciano includes spaces dedicated to the conservation and increase of different species of fauna and flora, such as insect hotels, floating islands, reptile refuge, multifunctional margins, agroforestry areas, an organic garden and biodiversity towers.