Gathering for the Forests

The 1st Gathering for Forests was promoted in September 2017. Around 80 people attended and since then collaborations, projects and green business flourished from it.
In September 2019 we hosted the 2nd Gathering for Forests, with the moto “Planting a Regenerative Culture”. The event absolutely overcame our expectations, by becoming overbooked with more than 150 people attending.
This is a working event that expands and disseminates the new paradigm of cooperation and unconditional love, brought to us by the principles of Syntropy. With the guidance of our co-founders and Social Collaboration Tools Facilitators, a safe space emerges and a more efficient process of collaboration takes place, allowing the rise of collective solutions for the current social and ecological challenges and empowering individuals to be active in the transition to a new culture, a Regenerative Culture.

1 - Connect and create a network among change-makers in Portugal in the context of the forests and ecosystem restoration, as well as empowering communities and citizenship initiatives.
2- Increase individual and collective awareness of the ecological situation and draw solutions to overcome the current challenges
3- Foster collaboration and the creation of synergies on a national and local level
4- Encourage projects and actions with common objectives in reforestation of Portugal

We believe that the Gathering for Forests is crucial due to the present social, ecological and economical crisis, as more and more people feel the urge to act and change their lifestyles. We all need references, community, inspiration, support and examples. Gathering for Forests provides that.