Local Actors for Change in the Hinterland (LACH)

Brownsweg, is a maroon village of the Samaaka-maroon- tribe, at the feet of The Brownsberg Nature Park (BNP), in the Brokopondo district. The city’s population is about 3500 inhabitants (50% women). The pressure of livelihood and unemployment (worsened by the pandemic) are pushing the locals of Brownsweg in the wrong direction to survive and even giving up the good stewardship of conserving their traditional forests with cultural, spiritual, and historical meaning. Through the LACH project, community-based organizations in Brownsweg will receive training in agricultural activities, setting up a business plan, and running a business. They will also be trained in managing their nature park, the Brownsberg Nature Park. The Brownsberg Nature Park (BNP) is among the most accessible and popular nature destinations in Suriname and is much used for recreation, research, and education. The women rangers can also act as guides to show thousands of people (tourists, students, researchers) the wildlife and habitats of the park. After training, they will be part of a larger rangers’ team and will assist in controlling the BNP in accordance with authorized policies and priorities. The idea is to involve women in community-based conservation and protection of nature to keep it for future generations. This can be done in a participatory process between people and organizations like CI, who have responsibilities affecting conservation.