The Greater Green Project

The problem is continuous depletion of trees and forests as a result of massive deforestation in Zimbabwe. Reforestation efforts are hampered by inadequate tree monitoring tools. I learned this during my participation in the Regional Training Workshop for African Forest Stakeholders on Forest and Tree-based mitigation to climate change held in November, 2021 on Arusha, Tanzania. Land restoration and effective tree monitoring is important in line with the National Development Strategy 1 and the UNFCCC 2021-2030 as a decade of restoration.

We have come up with The Greater Green Project, an initiative that aims to plant and monitor 1 billion trees (products) in Zimbabwe by 2030. We are leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation ie The Plant Master Software (tree monitoring services). The software is partitioned into Plant Notification, Plant Status, Plant Cancellation and Plant Yield, all tracking planted trees at different time intervals. With the software, we are able to estimate yield and carbon sequestration per tree and per hectar.

Our customers are the Government and NGOs. They are involved in large scale reforestation programs and henceforth require quality trees and an effective tree monitoring system for the planted trees for accounting on survival, yield and carbon capture. These are located in Zimbabwe with prospects to go regional and international.

Impact Targets:

  1. Trainings: Socially, we are aiming to train 2500 individuals tree propagation skills and training 50000 primary and secondary school students practical agroforestry skills and create 50000 job opportunities by 2030.

  2. Hectares of land restored: Environmentally, we are targeting to reverse 150 000ha (6%) of degraded land in Zimbabwe. Subsequently capturing 300millionTCO2ē by 2030.

  3. Plant and monitor 1 billion trees by 2030. Number of trees planted so far 2 000 000 trees.

Our goal is to increase on

  1. Internationalization (operate in Africa, Europe, SE Asia and the Middle East by 2030)
  2. Visibility
  3. Business Development (Product-Market Fit, Pitching, Accounting, Intellectual Property at regional and international levels) 4. Investment
  4. Access to local and international expertise