Forests around Inaina are gradually disappearing to agricultural development, including palm oil, cocoa, and coffee plantations. Within Inaina Forest itself, illegal logging and encroachment are serious threats to forest health. Over the past 10 years, the Fagagara clan and the local NGO Partners With Melanesians (PWM) have fought off many illegal entries by encroachers and unlawful deals by logging companies aiming to exploit Fagagara land without the clan’s permission. They did this by exposing the companies and encroachers in the media, bringing in Forestry Authorities and taking legal action at the village Court level.

This threat has not dissipated, so in response they are increasing ranger patrols and wish to purchase a drone for monitoring more effectively.

The Fagagara Clan aims to maintain Inaina Forest as a conservation area; there are plans to build walking tracks in the area and bird watching sites in areas where birds come to display and mate. In the river below the forest will be swimming and resting sites for birdwatchers and school children and elderly tourists that come to the area for nature walking, birdwatching, and environmental education. Movement of people into the conservation area will be controlled by the Rangers.