Rewild Our Earth - Indonesia

Indonesia is among the sources of patchouli, an ingredient used in fragrances such as YSL Beauty’s Mon Paris, Black Opium and Le Vestiaire de Parfums.
YSL Beauty’s objective in this area is to reduce the impact of invasive species on the endemic species of the lakes (protecting more than 16,000 hectares of Lake Matano) while also working with communities living on the edges of the forests to protect and to manage 30,000 hectares of forest lands.

Described as the “freshwater Galapagos,” the ancient lakes and surrounding forests of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi are home to some of the world’s most unique types of flora and fauna. However, in recent years the threat level to this ecosystem has risen dramatically as development in the area increased. These lakes are surrounded by largely unexplored forests with vibrant animal populations and, as well, the forests act as watersheds that provide a source of water and
help regulate the local climate. In other words, saving the lakes requires saving their forests. In 2022, 16,410 hectares of water put under protection and readied for restoration.
Planning with local communities has begun, with the goal of restoring the 16,410 hectares Lake Matano (known as the ‘freshwater Galapagos’), by controlling invasive fish species; this will help recover populations of threatened freshwater species found nowhere else on Earth.

The Rewild Our Earth program aims to protect and restore 100,000 hectares by 2030 and to safeguard biodiversity in priority areas affected by climate change where YSL Beauty’s ingredients are sourced.

In Indonesia, YSL Beauty is helping in preserving lands and over 350 species in a biodiversity hotspot.