SeaTrees Kelp Forest Restoration at Palos Verdes
With the support of
SeaTrees creates connections between people and brands that are ready to meet this challenge, and the social entrepreneurs and scientists who know how to regenerate ecosystems but struggle for funding and recognition. The mission of SeaTrees is to provide financial support to "regenerative" projects that protect and restore critical ocean ecosystems such as kelp forests, mangrove forests, coral reefs, seagrass, and ridge to reef watershed conservation.
In collaboration with
The Bay Foundation
SeaTrees has partnered with The Bay Foundation to regenerate kelp forests in Southern California. The Bay Foundation (TBF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit environmental group founded in 1990 to restore and enhance Santa Monica Bay and local coastal waters. TBF is staffed by science and policy experts who are passionate about understanding and protecting the Bay and the Bay watershed, and all the benefits that a healthy ecosystem can provide all those who use and enjoy it.