Kenyir State Park

In 2018, the Malaysian conservation NGO Rimba assisted the Terengganu state government in to establish the park. However, without proper financial resources, Kenyir State Park risks turning into another paper park - lacking effective management to mitigate threats within and around it. As such, Rimba created a new entity called Nature-Based Solutions plc (NBS), a not-for-profit social enterprise to develop green financing schemes and to channel private sector investments into forest protection. Under the Kenyir For Life initiative, Rimba/NBS is working to secure sustainable financing to support TSPMC in managing the existing state park and expanding protection to the greater Kenyir watershed (~200,000 ha) in the future. FCF aims to support this project until they find sustainable financing from other sources.
The passionate Rimba team has been camera-trapping and documenting Kenyir’s species for years. Threatened species living here include the Sunda Pangolin, Malayan Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Asiatic Dhole, Malayan Sun Bear, Asian Tapir, White-handed Gibbon and the Asian Elephant. The Kenyir ecosystem also provides the people of Terengganu with fresh water, flood mitigation, non-timber forest products, and tourism income.
Key threats to Kenyir’s biodiversity include poaching, deforestation, and encroachment from oil palm and rubber plantations.

Rimba and Nature-Based Solutions will work with the Terengganu State Parks Management Council to:

  • Finalise management and monitoring plans
  • Conduct monthly SMART Patrols
  • Conduct annual inter-agency enforcement and regulation trainings
  • Conduct workshops, interviews and engagements with local communities to develop trust and understand community needs and aspirations
  • Conduct annual biodiversity surveys
  • Conduct carbon valuation, verification, certification and annual independent auditing in order to help the state government generate carbon credits.