The Lowther Estate
Land Owner
Lowther Estate
The Lowther Castle & Gardens Trust (the Trust) was established in 2007 as a registered charity to provide public access and enjoyment of Lowther Castle & Gardens, to oversee the castle and gardens’ continued regeneration, and to foster educational and other community benefits through a programme of restoration, education and discovery.
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Rewilding Britain
Rewilding Britain: - provides timely, accessible and practical support and advice to upscale rewilding in practice - increases opportunities to diversify rural economies through nature-based enterprise and production - nurtures rewilding networks and groups, connecting individuals, people, landowners, businesses, councils and others to catalyse locally-led rewilding initiatives
Global Alliance
Global Rewilding Alliance
This project is stewarded by organisations that are members of the Global Rewilding Alliance. Members sign on to the Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth: Advancing nature-based solutions to the extinction and climate crises, outlining 12 guiding “Principles for Rewilding”.