The mission

To produce biodiversity through the sustainable management of natural heritage with emphasis on participation and transparency.

The vision

Creating value through biodiversity


Montis Natural Conservation Association’s main focus is to manage land for the conservation of its natural values, starting in the mountains surrounding the Vouga and Paiva basins (Freita, Arada, Montemuro, Lapa, Caramulo), but also willing to spread its work throughout the country.

Montis’ objective is to ensure the development of natural processes, to promote the conservation of indigenous species, to intelligently manage forest fires and other natural risks and ultimately to increase the market value of biodiversity.

The array of natural values in play is vast but insufficiently studied. There are the populations of wolves south of the Douro river, the most threatened in the country; a great set of mountain rivers and creeks where agricultural abandonment has allowed a remarkable recovery of vegetation with a mix of species typical of oak groves and riparian forests with remnants of the Tertiary Period; a great diversity and density of amphibians, some endemic invertebrates, various important species of plants, a great diversity of birds, etc., in a high quality landscape.

Our intention is to acquire land - primarily in this region but not overlooking opportunities in other areas - and to manage the land to increase biodiversity and to ensure the sustainability of its management, by us or eventually by other owners, with a view to future job creation.

We believe that management capability is a crucial instrument for the rational management of marginal territories suffering from severe abandonment.


The purpose of conservation is the preservation of values which may not be rated in the open market.
Conservation requires the management of land that does not necessarily generate a financial return on its cost.

Under these circumstances, either the public mobilizes resources obtained through other activities, or the state assumes the responsibility entirely or otherwise those natural values are threatened in favour of more rational choices in terms of the land’s profitability.

With this project, the associates of Montis have the assurance that their investment will be allocated directly to the purchase of land, therefore avoiding the pressure of profitability.

The public will have the opportunity to visit areas managed primarily for conservation and have direct contact with a landscape and with plants and animals that one rarely sees in other circumstances.

The difference

What makes this project different is its focus on land acquisition and the creation of market value from natural values. This ensures the continuity of their conservation value. We will strive for the greatest transparency and communication of results, including access to visit the project site(s) and see the work accomplished, guaranteeing confidence among Montis’ supporters and donors.