Agroforestry and forest conservation in Andramasina

Forests in the highlands of Andramasina are damaged for economic reasons: agricultural expansion and charcoal production. The issue of deforestation is indeed deeply linked to social needs and poverty. Bôndy aims to reduce pressure on surrounding forests by working hand in hand with locals through an integrated approach that takes into consideration their needs and priorities.

Andramasina is our very first site, we have set up a tree nursery, with a capacity of 90,000 young plants, taken care of by our local team of 10. Young plants are then dispatched to our farmer-partners on their lands. These plantations contribute to diversifying the sources of income for farmers through agroforestry: we are planting trees that will give fruitful harvest for our farmer-partners, benefitting them economically. We put local communities at the heart of our projects and we attach importance to the commitment of our partner farmers and beneficiaries. To maintain farmers' commitment, various initiatives have been put in place: awareness-raising, capacity building, income-generating activities, and improved access to basic services.

Planting a seed represents 1% of our work, we commit to following all projects for 5 years, and to build a solid collaboration between operational teams and farmer-partners to support them build resilience, and better the trees’ survival rate. With hard work and passion, we guarantee environmental, social and economic impact.

To date, Bôndy has…

  • Planted more than 140 000 trees in the zone.
  • Restored more than 130 hectares.
  • Collaborated with more than 100 partner farmers (land owners or workday planters).
  • Created 12 sustainable jobs.
  • Mobilized 15 volunteers to support our actions.

The challenge is just beginning, as highlands soils are very degraded. Let's work together to turn the red island of Madagascar green again!