Reforestation in Belgium
Lasne - Maransart
Reforestation 2,47 ha

The project is a plantation based on assisted natural regeneration with 5,000 trees. The tree species are Corsican pines, lime trees, Norway Maples, and shrubs and fruit trees. The project starts in the planting season of 2022 - 2023.

The plot is along the road and is 2.5 hectares in total. It was formerly populated with neglected poplars and ash trees. The trees were decimated by rust and chalarose and the plot was abandoned for several years.

After removing the dead and dying trees, the planting will be in the following planting organization:

  • Center of the plot is planted with 4300 trees, primarily Corsican pine, then small-leaved lime and Norway maple.
  • A shrubby leafy edge on the periphery of 600 to 700 plants: field maple, dogwood, hawthorn, rowan, hazel + one line of fruit trees for wildlife.
    The trees are planted with a density of 2,000 trees/Ha and the planting is done in mixed islands, by a portion of parallel lines, etc.


  • An altitude of 110 m, slightly north-facing slope
  • The soil type is sandy-loam to sandy on the summit
  • Private property in green space area on sector plan.