The Ruwenzori Foundation/Rwenzori Founders Rewilding project

The Ruwenzori Sculpture Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1106162) was set up to use culture as a spearhead for positive development. Setting up an arts centre gallery, foundry and foundation house we have re-wilded 80 acres and built a community hospital for the community. On formerly degraded slopes of Uganda’s Rwenzori mountains, this remarkable forest restoration project benefits wildlife and the local community. Since 2008 we have planted thousands of indigenous trees and have built a new hospital. The forest sees an increase in biodiversity every year. Bird counts reach 207 species from an original 50 at the start. The Uganda wildlife authority helps poacher control and paves our way to one day becoming a sanctuary for endangered endemic wildlife. Many local community members are also replanting indigenous trees on neighbouring plots, following the RF's lead. They are working with Films4change, a collaborative UK/Ugandan film project, to tell their remarkable story.