RMTerra (Reflorestação da Mãe Terra), was born in Portugal in 2017, from the urgency of action, when thousands of miles of forest, agricultural land and communities were devastated by forests fires. Transforming balanced and well established ecosystems in to war-like scenarios. The founder of RMTerra, Pedro Marques out of sorrow and despair, felt the intrinsic need to act. As a volunteer he began connecting with people through social media and local associations organising actions on reforestation and climate activism. The project started taking shape and momentum, the need to expand to a national level was evident. To encourage the local communities, educational material was developed incentivating individuals to self act, to improve their natural environment and to re-establishing the ecosystems with fauna and flora through reforestation. The Plantation designs are focus mainly in land recovering from forest fires, using fire barrier and agroforesty principles.

The project found lots of resistance, the bureaucratic process of planting trees in public land was to complex and time restrictive. Therefore, planting on private lands was the way forward. As a result 20k native trees were planted in the past 4 years, on a volunteer basis.

Blockchain technologies and Web 3 came into our radar, into 2021, they were the missing links for the project. The motorisation of the work done and digitalisation were the perfect combination to establish a bridge between public assets and digital technology.
Our main focus and goal is to be fully transparent on a win-win methodology for all species involved.

The non-profit organization Earthcare was created, in the beginning of 2022, while other several partnerships began to flourish such as Kodadot, RMRK, Treedefi, Koenig Basis, Shokunin Network and recently Digital Gaia.
In June 2022 we were nominated as a finalist for the 2nd Annual NYC.NFT Awards as Best Environmental Initiative from an NFT Project.
Also on June 2022 we beguin our Data Grow Lab project, a educational Hub and a place for SusTech experimentations.

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