Ruta Monarca

Who are we?
FUNACOMM A.C., a Mexican Civil Society Organisation registered in the year 2000, non-profit, with the objective of carrying out the necessary actions for the rescue of the monarch butterfly and its migration.
We are committed to work in an integral way in the development of the socio-environmental sustainability of the migratory route of the Monarch butterfly, with a holistic, ecological, circular economy vision through innovation and effective solutions based on nature.

Why do we do it?
Butterflies make their 5,000 kilometre migratory journey between Canada and Mexico with important pollination functions, maintain environmental balance and act as a natural thermometer of climate change.
During the first 10 years we planted 550,000 trees, implemented 3 Ecotourism Centres as an economic alternative for the benefit of the communities that own the overwintering forests, built 3,000 wood-saving cookers and 500 ecological toilets to promote healthy communities in 10 Monarch municipalities in the winter habitat.
Faced with the decline of the monarch butterfly migration in 2014 due to causes associated with habitat destruction such as logging, agrochemical use, land use change, fires, marginalisation of communities and climate change, FUNACOMM launched the Monarch Route Initiative as a mitigation strategy through the Ethno-Agroecological Gardens. The solution is based on research and studies that allow for planning, diagnosis, training and advice for the installation of the gardens, technical assistance, monitoring, evaluation of indicators and reporting. The processes will effectively facilitate the recreation of breeding, feeding and resting environments for monarchs during their journey through Mexico.
From 2017 to date, with the Monarch Route Initiative, 100 Ethno-agro-ecological gardens have been built in the State of Mexico.

Monarch Route Accreditations

  • 2018: 1st Place in the Fauna Category, Premios Latinoamérica Verde; Guayaquil Ecuador.
  • 2019: Presentation to the Senate of the Republic with the Socio-environmental Initiative Ruta Monarca 2030, aligned with the UN SDG agenda and the National Development Plan 2018-2024.
  • 2019: Presea al Mérito de Sostenibilidad Ambiental Metepec, Mexico.
  • 2020 y 2021: Finalist in The Equator Prize, New York, USA.

The Initiative has technical and scientific support, is thematic, educational, touristic and naturalistic. In the social aspect it contributes to environmental education, social awareness and development of a sustainable ecological culture and in the economic aspect it generates additional income for the farmers of the land.

Goals to 2025.
With the support of the Senate of the Republic, it is proposed to carry out the following actions in four areas:

  • Planting 6 million plants through the construction of 4500 ethno-agro-ecological gardens in the migratory path of the monarch butterfly in Mexico.
  • Planting 15 million trees in 15 states of the Mexican Republic to rebuild the affected habitat.
  • Develop a communication and environmental education plan to raise awareness among the Mexican population of the value of preserving the monarch butterfly. World Heritage Site.
  • Implement a scientific research programme to support the development of each of the strategic lines of action outlined above.

The Monarch Route initiative aims to project Mexico as a leader in the management of socio-environmental projects in North America, with the capacity to fulfil the commitments of the national and international agenda.

1. Environmental:
a. Temporary resting, feeding and reproduction of butterflies.
b. Vital spaces for pollination and refuge for other species.
c. CO2 sequestration
2. Social:
a. Environmental education and awareness
b. Participation and social inclusion
3. Economic:
a. Productive use of the medicinal and nutritional properties of the species.
b. Increase in the income of community families

Alliance between the Senate of the Republic and FUNACOMM A.C.
The alliance established between the Senate of the Republic and FUNACOMM proposes the following actions:

  • Promotion by the Senate of the Republic of the Strategic Plan for the Socio-Environmental Sustainability of the Monarch Butterfly to activate the participation of public and private bodies at national and international level.
  • To endorse and promote the alliances to be established for the implementation of the Initiative in the short and medium term.
  • Funding support for the operation of the FUNACOMM Organisation during the planning and implementation of the strategic plan.
  • Support the project in a strategic initiative to credit resources from the Green Fund, World Bank and other sources of funding for climate change action resources, derived from promoting partnerships.
  • Indicator assessment.
  • UN SDG reporting.
  • Governments in Mexico.
  • International organisations.
  • Private initiative.
  • Academia.
  • Community.
  • Media.

Benefits of being our partners.

  • Leadership and projection for an international cause.
  • Environmentally and socially responsible institutional presence.
  • Updated report on the sustainability of the monarch butterfly.
  • Alliance to achieve the goals (SDG 17).