Solutionscape: Saving wetlands

In the rangelands of Northern Kenya, the well-being of humans, wildlife, and ecosystems is closely tied to the availability of water. Unfortunately, like many other ecosystems in the region, the Gambella wetland in Meru County has seen a significant decline in its ability to provide essential services to people, livestock, and wildlife. This decline can be attributed to factors such as overexploitation of the wetland for economic purposes, increasing land claims by various stakeholders, and the impacts of climate change. Despite multiple efforts by government and international development organizations, the degradation of this vital resource has continued.
The past and current governance and management approaches have proven ineffective, resulting in a 'tragedy of the commons' scenario, where influential parties exploit available natural resources. This situation further marginalizes local communities, who are already vulnerable, threatens ecosystem services, and intensifies conflicts. To address these challenges, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions in water and landscape governance and management, which should be collectively developed, designed, and implemented, incorporating technological and financial approaches.