The rapid expansion of monoculture oil palm plantations in Indonesia in the last decades has adverse impacts on natural and social systems. It is estimated that around 3.47 million ha of monoculture oil palm plantations have occupied the area designated as forest area (Auriga, 2019). Strategi Jangka Benah (SJB) or target period is one of the alternatives offered by UGM and Kehati Foundation to minimize negative and unintended impacts of monoculture oil palm expansion, especially in the forest areas. The project aims at the improvements of environmental, social and economic aspects of disturbed forest areas, especially by monoculture oil palm plantations. This will be done by (a) establishing SJB demonstration plots in Jambi and Central Kalimantan as field schools for stakeholders, (b) strenthening SJB institution at the site level to implement SJB effectively, and (c) facilitating policy dialog related to SJB to accelerate the SJB adoption.

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