Star Seed - Kilifi Coastal Regeneration

Star Seed, a regenerative skincare brand co-founded by partners Emilie and Ed, was born in Kenya when exploring the wisdom of East African botanicals. The breathtaking beauty and biodiversity of Kilifi inspired their vision: to create a future where human and planetary health thrive in harmony.

Through their collaboration with The LEAF, Star Seed supports regenerative projects that plant indigenous and endangered trees, establish community plant nurseries, and diversify income streams for smallholder farmers. At the heart of their mission are the people of Kilifi, the custodians of the land, and together they are committed to planting 150,000 trees and improving 15,000 community livelihoods by 2028.

Each Star Seed product is wildcrafted with ancient African botanical ingredients. By choosing Star Seed, you join their mission to stand for the land and the people of Kilifi. With every skincare sale, 10% of profits go directly into regeneration.