Promoting Sustainable Private Forest Land Use
This project is part of the Forests Forward program by WWF and represents the scope of work implemented by the following participant:
Stora Enso Oyj
Action Areas
Improving Forest & Plantations Management
This action area pertains to the management of forest resources, be it natural forests or plantations, for specific impacts (e.g. protection of watersheds, wildlife habitats, reducing illegal logging, etc.). Credible forest certifications are encouraged to be used as a verification tool for improvements. Organizations participating in this action area ranges from large forest concessions and plantations managing areas over 1 million hectares, to smallholders with a few hectares of plantations, to community forest managed by a large number of families.
Forest-based Interventions and Investments
Participants in this action area will be seeking to make and/or invest in impactful change through a suite of tools and approaches. These are organisations who have fulfilled their responsible forest management and/or responsible forest product sourcing, and are looking for ways to further address their impact and influence on global forests. In addition to forest managers and buyers, participants may also include financial insitutions and non-forest sector related commercial organisations as investors and implementers of positive forest-based environmental and social outcomes.