The Goldenberry Plan
Terrafertil decided to partner with Aliados Foundation in 2019 to help incubate the Goldenberry Plan and support its implementation. Aliados is an experienced NGO that has been working for over a decade in the Andes and Amazon to build sustainable value chains. Aliados focuses on how local communities manage their natural resources, including agriculture, energy, timber and non-timber forest products, and how these relationships connect to the outside world through markets. With direct experience building and scaling value chains for unique international exports (guayusa tea, Andean blue agave etc.), Aliados has been tasked with formalizing the Goldenberry Plan, designing M&E programs, and guiding the implementation of each objective.A core component of this work in 2020 is implementing a farm economics and association profitability program. Aliados is working with 50 farmers and four associations in Ecuador, and 20 farmers and one association in Colombia with the goal to generate high quality data to better understand farmer needs and conditions, and support farmers to improve local livelihoods by strengthening farm production and profitability.
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