Restore Nature in Southern Portugal
12 July 2020
by Matthijs
Workshop regenerative forest management and fire risk prevention

To restore natural ecosystems we need knowledge, experience and community. These 3 aspects were all present today during a workshop about regenerative forest management and fire risk prevention organized by Paulo Rómulo Guerreiro. How do we clean the burned lands, cut and prune trees and bushes, bring back diverse trees and plants, reduce fire risks, improve water cycles and work with the landscape and remains.
The community is strong and in a group we can make giant steps in few time. Building on experience and knowledge. It’s time to organize action groups to help the communities that were hit hard by the fire 3 weeks ago. Like the community of that we visited today that was damaged severely: a mostly black landscape as far as the eyes can see. Together we can move mountains and restore communities and ecosystems- even more consciously this time. We already see patches of hope where nature is starting to recover by itself. Let’s help her out.