Cooperativa Agraria de Servicios Múltiples Sur Oriente
Participant in WWF’s Forests Forward programme since January 2023 and currently in the Performance Phase. In this phase, Cooperativa Agraria de Servicios Múltiples Sur Oriente and WWF are jointly implementing agreed action plans and demonstrating progress towards the intended outcomes and impacts.
Renew organic certification and achieve fair trade certification in the short term. In this way, it is expected to expand markets and increase the income of the partners in the medium term and consequently increase the value of the standing forest.
Action Area
Improving Forest Management
This action area pertains to the management of forest resources, be it natural forests or plantations, for specific impacts (e.g. protection of watersheds, wildlife habitats, reducing illegal logging, etc.). Credible forest certifications are encouraged to be used as a verification tool for improvements. Show more
Summary of engagement
Coopssur's members grow cacao and copoazu in terraced rainforests within the Madre de Dios region of Peru. Close to 30% of the plots are located in the Tambopata Natural Reserve buffer zone. The cooperative's products are already organically certified. From the engagment with WWF, Coopssur seeks to renew the organic certification by reducing the use of agrochemicals while also obtaining Fairtrade certification, something that would open up new markets and generate higher prices for its members, while at the same time increasing the value of the forest resources.
Impact Metric
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Poverty reduction and livelihood