Costco Wholesale Corporation

Costco is a Fortune 50 company that operates as a membership-only retailer, with more than 850 stores spanning across 14 regions. Costco understands that as one of the world’s largest retailers, it has a responsibility to source its products in a way that is respectful to the environment and people associated with that environment.

  • As a supplier and partner, Costco is committed to supporting sustainable land-management practices that respect the autonomy and property rights of landowners, with a preference for outcome-based solutions and respect for the ability of rural people and their communities to thrive while being stewards of the land.
  • Costco believe that their most impactful first steps are to source their wood, paper and fiber-based products from responsibly managed and certified forests, and use recycled content and alternative fibers when feasible. While they desire all products to be sourced this way and encourage their suppliers to follow this goal, they have focused their efforts on their Kirkland Signature™ products. Their goals are explained in their Forest Conservation Commitment.