CreditNature is a green fintech solution to power nature positive investment and recovery.

CreditNature unlocks easy, transparent, and accessible nature-positive investment opportunities that boost biodiversity and ecosystem resilience. Our technology combines cutting-edge analytics with advances in digital assets, such as Nature Impact Tokens, that not only connect investors with verified nature recovery projects, but also provides evidence for investment performance.

Our innovative NARIA (Natural Asset Recovery Investment Analytics) framework allows us to effectively track ecosystem uplift, complies with emerging reporting guidelines for nature-related risk and continuously evolves to utilise sustainable technologies.

The NARIA framework and Nature Impact Tokens can also be linked to carbon to produce a premium ‘nature positive’ carbon credit.

The CreditNature approach opens the opportunity for scalable nature recovery, whilst our NARIA framework enables continuous growth, telling the story of your impact and the benefits you have made possible for nature and people.