Faja Lobi

Faja Lobi responds to global warming by cultivating local forests.

Faja Lobi runs several projects aimed at tackling environmental and social challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With our program of reforestation and agroforestry, we are consciously acting against global warming and climate change. Population growth puts pressure on the natural wealth of the world. Overexploitation causes severe degradation of soil and vegetation. Rural exodus causes people from different tribes to flood into cities like Idiofa. These cities lack the necessary infrastructure, jobs and governmental support to respond to this influx. A lamentable mess that results into economic and habitational problems and conflicts of land use. This chaotic situation provides fertile soil for severe forms of corruption. In urban areas our cultural, educational, health and economical programs contribute to the reconstruction of civil society. In rural areas our reforestation program takes up the challenge of reducing environmental deterioration.

Faja Lobi reforested 2700 hectares in april 2020 and sets its new milestone to 50 000 hectares. These new forests are grown near the savannah highlands of Idiofa. By reforesting these areas, further desertification of the region avoided. With thoughtful forest management and well-considered logging practices, these forests could provide a responsible timber harvesting economy in the long run (50-80 years). By cultivating new harvest forests, pressure is released from the primary forests in Congo. In the end, it's those precious forests that need the most protection. Congo is home to the second-largest single block of forest in the world!