Gabon Wood Industries - Bois et Scierie du Gabon
Participant in WWF’s Forests Forward programme since May 2021 and currently in the Preparatory Phase. In this phase, Gabon Wood Industries - Bois et Scierie du Gabon, with WWF’s support, is building up specific baselines and action plans that will be the focus of collaboration.
The Gabon Wood Industries - Bois et Scierie de Gabon Corporation (GWI-BSG) is committed to improving the forest conditions and reducing threats to biodiversity in its FMUs. Specifically, the company is committed to: Improve forest management and achieve FSC certification of its forest management units, covering over 427,000 hectares of secondary tropical rainforest. It is committed to improve and increase the protection of forest dependent animal species in the logging concession. Key species in these forests are Pangolin, Chimpanzees and Gorillas. Furthermore the corporation is engaged to strengthen livelihood development through generating local employment.
Action Area
Improving Forest Management
This action area pertains to the management of forest resources, be it natural forests or plantations, for specific impacts (e.g. protection of watersheds, wildlife habitats, reducing illegal logging, etc.). Credible forest certifications are encouraged to be used as a verification tool for improvements. Show more