Interholco - IFO

Interholco (IHC) is a global provider of wood, a leading company on international markets since 1962, producing and selling logs, lumber and laminated scantlings. IHC manages the IFO Ngombé concession located in the Northern region of the Republic of Congo, bordering the national parks Odzala-Kokoua and Ntokou-Pikounda, home to large, medium and small mammals moving freely regularly from the Ngombé forest management unit (FMU) to the parks and vice versa. Together with the parks, the FMU covers an area roughly the size of Belgium (30,700 km2).

The Ngombé forest is also home to Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPLC) with an estimated 16,000 inhabitants. They live and in and from the forest, collecting medicinal plants, fishing and hunting for their livelihood and producing and selling non-timber forest products (honey, fruits, caterpillars, etc.). The Ngombé concession is FSC Forest Management (FM) certified and is managed by the highest forestry standards.