NatureMetrics was founded in 2014 by Dr Kat Bruce, Prof. Doug Yu and Prof. Alfried Vogler – molecular ecologists who were among the pioneers of DNA-based biodiversity assessment. Their research provided some of the earliest demonstrations of the power of molecular methods for species and ecosystem monitoring, showing how these tools could revolutionise the world of environmental management. However, they became increasingly certain that this potential would only be realized if the tools were accessible to environmental managers in a standardised way through a commercial service.

Thus, NatureMetrics was born to bridge the gap between molecular ecologists and environmental managers. Our diverse team of specialists now straddle the worlds of applied ecology, academic research, environmental policy, industry standards and biodiversity conservation. We see ourselves as playing a major role in developing a new industry – laying robust foundations for growth by working collaboratively with all stakeholders to demonstrate and validate our methods, building trust, confidence and understanding so that we can accelerate collective understanding and protection of the natural world.