Organic cacao and chocolate

The association APODIP currently represents around 300 cacao producers in the mountain range region of Sierra de las Minas and the Polochic valley in Guatemala. The cacao is cultivated in diverse agroforestry systems on family-run farms, which contributes to both the biodiversity and ecological resilience of the landscape and the nutrition and income of the local families. Additionnally, APODIP enhances the health and education system of the rural member communties. The cacao cultivated fulfills highest organic and Fairtrade (SPP) standards.

Cacao profile

Cultivation area: 135 ha
Cacao varieties: Trinitario and Criollo, hybrids
Annual harvest: 64,5 tons
Treatment: sun-dried
Certification: SPP, Organic UE


The cacao offers a delicate taste providing additional aromas of nuts and caramel. Due to the hot micro-climate in the region and the relatively small size of the bean (0.75/bean), APODIP achieves a high fermentation rate and a unique flavour composition for the cacao.


As APODIP facilitates the complete value chain of the regional cacao production, they offer a broad variety of products:

  • dried and fermented cacao beans
  • chocolate bars (70%)
  • specialty drinking chocolate
  • chocolate candies