Bakawan - Responsible investment in MPAs

The program is a partnership between local actors and governments, as well as international stakeholders, in which a broad approach will be put in place for the protection of the coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrasses in the Philippines. The program localization involves three major areas: Verde Island Passage MPA network, Calamian Island MPA network, and Tañon Strait MPA network. It is located in a biodiversity hot-spot and will positively impact mangroves, coral reefs and seagrasses on a remarkable region in Western Pacific Ocean, namely the Coral Triangle.
It will combine nature-based tourism programs, ecosystes services, blue carbon credits for the MPAs, and support the development of sylvofisheries, mainly by strengthening local actors and the fish supply chain.
Its main impacts are livelihoods and social wellbeing, allied to climate chage adaptation and mitigation and benefits on water filtration and soil losses.