Amazon Wild Cacao Forest Restauration
Managing entity
Tranquilidad Estate
Tranquilidad TF is the leading managing organization of the estate since 2003.
Promotion and sales
Web platform for wild Amazon cacao and chocolate origins. Amazônia, the largest rainforest in the world, is the motherland & cradle of Theobroma cacáo – the tree from which all chocolate derives. It also is the inflection point for the Earth’s environment. Because billions of people love chocolate, it serves as the rainforest’s ambassador to humanity. More than any other plant or animal, wild chocolate can be the lever through which all other factors transfer their force to preserve the Amazon &, by extension, the whole planet. In establishing Landmark Wild Chocolate Reserve™, this network recovers & protects humanity’s inheritance: the original prime root varietals – the crowns jewels / rock stars – of chocolate. It creates value to improve the livelihoods of forest families. A financial bulwark against cutting down the Amazon via logging, mining & drilling for cattle grazing, soybean farming, resort hotels & the like which contributes to climate flux & defacing the Earth’s surface. It impels still other forest communities to literally come out of the woodwork in pointing out these rarest treasures of cacáo trees to fortify the network so when a groundswell of wild reserves are landmarked the odds of deforestation are reduced if not eliminated.