Restoring degraded forest in Amazon nut concessions

By joining Forests Forward, Candela has committed to restoring and enriching forest areas within its certified Brazil nut concessions.

To this end, 30,000 native tree species will be planted to restore the integrity and connectivity of the forest and act as a barrier to illegal activities in the areas near the boundaries of the concessions. The seedlings will be produced in a nursery owned by the company by selecting good quality seeds from certified forests and monitoring the growth of the seedlings until they are ready for establishment.

Subsequently, Candela is committed to promoting the planting of the seedlings in the final field, as well as monitoring and carrying out appropriate silvicultural techniques to ensure their adaptation and growth. Through these activities, Candela also highlights its close relationship with its members, and its concern for social, environmental, and economic sustainability - understanding that their contribution can be very significant for the forest users with whom they work.