CBG - Responsible Forest Management in Gabon


The Gamba Landscape is situated in southwest Gabon and covers 53,290km² (roughly 1.5 times the size of Yellowstone National Park). WWF works mainly in the northern part, within the 11,000km² Gamba Complex of Protected Areas. The area harbours astonishing wildlife, including elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees and many other species.

Situated between the Loango and Moukalaba Doudou national parks, CBG FMUs of over 550,000 hectares host a remarkable fauna of elephants, great apes, reptiles and insects. In parallel, the policy implemented by CBG helps preserve the entire river system in the Gamba complex.

The FMUs are FSC forest management Certified since 2009..

Scope of Work

Working together with WWF Gabon, CBG has committed to improving the forest conditions and reducing threats to biodiversity in its FMUs, while generating new jobs for local communities. Specifically, the company is aiming to:

  • Maintain its FSC certification
  • Support wildlife protection by strengthening the PROLAB program (Anti-Poaching Program).
  • Innovate to improve reduced impact logging and participation of local communities