Reserva Biológica Córrego do Veado
In collaboration with
Pró-Tapir Institute
We work in the Atlantic Forest, which today has lost more than 80% of its area, and is home to about 70% of the Brazilian population. Undoubtedly, nothing is sadder than seeing our forests disappear, but despite all this, the Atlantic Forest manages to enchant us every day! Whether it's the discovery of so many new species, the exuberance of its flora or the peace that it transmits to us. We must protect this biome that is our "home", and our true treasure.
Global Alliance
Global Rewilding Alliance
This project is stewarded by organisations that are members of the Global Rewilding Alliance. Members sign on to the Global Charter for Rewilding the Earth: Advancing nature-based solutions to the extinction and climate crises, outlining 12 guiding “Principles for Rewilding”.