[Demo] The Generation Forest - Planting Permanent Forests in Darién, Panama

Our Generation Forests against climate change

Through the reforestation of tropical rainforests, we can take effective action against climate change. For we plant trees in exactly those places where the need is particularly high due to the tremendous destruction that has happened there.

Compared to conventional forests, the tropical rainforest comes with even more advantages:

  • The leaf canopy of our mixed forests protects the soil from the sun, wind, and heavy rains, and helps to cool it, too.
  • Our forests are some of the most important drinking-water filters in the world – because they function like a sponge whereby the water does not flow off across the surface – but is instead slowly absorbed and filtered into the groundwater.

Where is reforestation taking place?

Our project sites in Panama will show you the progress of our Generation Forests. Others will be regularly added, and our forests will continue to grow. We are growing steadily and assuredly – with an ecologically and economically rational alternative orientated towards the natural rainforest.

Creation of a permanent mixed forest

Generation Forests are planted with a balanced mix of local tree species that are ideally suited to the environment, meaning they can grow optimally. In contrast to monoculture plantations, we only remove individual trees, and the resulting gaps are quickly planted with new saplings so creating a “multi-storey” ecosystem orientated towards a rainforest.

This resilient, permanent mixed forest comprising young and mature trees not only makes a positive impact on our climate – but also provides a home to 50% of the species of flora and fauna living on the land, as well as economic prospects for the local people. In this way, we are creating an all-embracing, sustainable economy.