The Green Heart Project
In collaboration with
Amisacho Restauración
Amisacho Restauración is a family project based out of a restored, isolated jungle protected from the surrounding deforestation practices from encroaching cities and resource extraction in the heart of the Northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon. It supports native flora and fauna so that it may flourish, breathe, and reproduce life once more. Amisacho is a model project that demonstrates the possibilities to restore tropical forest after its soils have been exploited and degenerated by resource extraction, agro-toxins, and cattle farming. It offers capacity building opportunities for the aspired women, farmers, and Indigenous of the oil-boom province of Sucumbios where access to environmentally conscious resources and guidance is scarce to non-existent. Amisacho Restauración collaborates with an extensive network of local and international activists, scientists, engineers, and farmers to honor ancestral knowledge and ecological innovations to restore the health of our lands and bodies, ultimately planting resilient seeds of hope in communities of need.