Atlantic Forest Restoration: Biodiversity corridors and water provision


Forest restoration and rehabilitation are effective tools to reconnect isolated forest patches. With support from HP, WWF is working with local partners to promote restoration of priority areas in the Upper Parana and Serra do Mar coastal ecoregions within the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, with a focus on biodiversity corridors and water provisioning.

Scope Of Work

With support from HP, WWF will restore more than 1,300 acres (550 hectares) of land in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest region to native forest. To accomplish this goal, WWF will collaborate with local and regional partners to build a strong foundation so that communities are engaged and benefiting from the restoration and that these reforested areas thrive over the long term.

HP’s financial investment in this region will also complement forest restoration that Sylvamo, HP’s supply chain partner, already supports in the Mogi Guaçu River basin of the Atlantic Forest.